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We're a private personal training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We help individuals achieve the health & body transformation they strive for.
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🍑 Peach Please Group Classes 🍑

Peach Please" is a group training class offered Every SATURDAY at 8:00am.  Be ready to work your legs and glutes using weight training, resistance training, BFR, and more depending on the week you attend. ⠀

Drop-in passes available or, you can pay for a whole month upfront and save! Let’s get peachy!!

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"Devon is a pro, plain and simple. He has an incredible amount of vast experience and I swear he can adapt he workouts to anyone who walks in, no matter what physical limitations or experience in fitness he or she may have."

Kristen Moore

"What a journey it has been working with Zee! I not only feel stronger, but I've learned so much about nutrition and how to incorporate the things I still love while losing weight! Zee has also helped me perfect my form so when I’m in the gym alone, I feel much more comfortable with working myself out!"

Nitra Nicole  

"I began my journey with Zee not knowing much about fitness or health. Little by little, Zee put me on to different nutrition hacks and workouts that allowed me to still live a normal life. I didn't have to be super strict or keep hopping on fad diet bandwagons. My one month results were unbelievable and gave me hope to keep going!"


“I would highly recommend Caesar Jean as a personal trainer. As a professional model, my experiences with Caesar over the last couple months has been both positive and very useful. He has expressed a great knowledge and understanding of fitness and successfully helped me build muscle and lose fat. Caesar is encouraging, very personable, reliable, and ready to answer any questions, queries or concerns that I may have.”

Stephanie C

“You should train with Caesar Jean - an INCREDIBLY caring trainer and knowledgeable young man. He adjusted my movements for efficiency, found my weak points and gave me amazing exercises to eradicate years old pain & injuries while getting the optimal performance out of me.”

Rie R

"Elissa is definitely the best personal trainer anyone could ask for! I saw her page and loved how she fit the workouts to each individual person and didn't make all her clients do the same workout. Since starting I have had more energy than before! I definitely see results and I am doing workouts that I never imagined doing!! I'm proud to call her my trainer and would recommend her to everyone!"


"Elissa is one of the most knowledgeable, innovative, inspiring, and hard-working people you will ever meet. From modifying workouts for specific needs/goals to pushing you outside of your comfort zone because she KNOWS you can. You never know what you are going to get when you show up! One thing you can always count on is that you are going to get a kick ass workout and walk out of there feeling not only physically but mentally stronger."

DT LIT Phase 1
DT LIT Phase 1
Regular price $49.00

This program is designed to break plateus and create new Gainz. 

This course is a 5 day program utilizing weights, and hip bands, it includes:

  • 3 leg days
  • 2 upper body days
No Rest Sets
Created to move with your body as you tackle your workouts.


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